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High School Guard

High School Guard has two seasons. The first is Marching Band from May until November and the second is Winterguard from December through April.

Marching Band Guard participates with the Marching Band and attends Band Camp in the summer. Membership usually consists of about 25 to 30 members. They partcipate in all marching band events and compete in the MCBA and BOA circuit. This guard is very competitive and as members of the High School Marching Band they have consistently placed first in State the last few years.

Winterguard is a competitive guard that competes in the off-season of marching band. It is divided into varsity and junior varsity levels. The varsity guard competes in the MCGC and WGI circuit and the junior varsity competes in the MCGC. Both guards use all three pieces of equipment which includes flags, rifle and saber.

The varsity guard travels outside the State of Michigan and the JV stays within.

This program is coached by Bobby Hazelton and usually a past graduate guard member.

Bobby H
Guard Coach
Bobby H

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